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Dear Rudy and Susan,

I have enclosed some great color pictures of our new, beautiful kitchen. No -that's wrong. I am enclosing some terrible pictures of out new, beautiful kitchen. No way a lousy photography with camera can do your creation justice.

The kitchen came out exactly the way Jackie and I wanted. It is well designed and built. It makes the house shine and I am sure it increased out home's value by far more than the kitchen cost.

A great deal of credit to Jon. He was meticulous with the installation. He has an eye for detail - everything from kickboard heater to complex window top molding was aligned fitted to zero degree of error. He was neat and left our house each evening in a neat and clean state.
It is unusual in this day and age to find real craftsmen, craftsmen who take pride in their work and take every step possible to meet, or exceed, customer expectations.

We thank you,

Howard and Jackie Hall


Rudy & Crew,

I LOVE my new kitchen! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It's hard to believe it's the same kitchen. Everyone who's seem your work has been truly amazed and impressed by the quality and workmanship in the cabinets. Your crew did an outstanding job, I am so thankful for all the extra efforts they put into my kitchen. Thanks again for everything. My parents aren't going to believe their eyes when they come to visit in June.

With sincere gratitude,

Brenda Quinlan


Dear Rudy,

It seems like all I do all day is stand around in my kitchen and admire it, so I thought it was about time I passed on to you just how much I am enjoying it. I LOVE being in my kitchen, it is truly the nicest part of my home!

United by a light colored granite we chose called Millennium Cream, the design and two different cabinet finishes work beautifully together, the white glazed part of the kitchen is a perfect match to my furniture - thank you for being such a perfectionist.

The kitchen has many wonderful components but the hutch is my favorite piece of all - what a beautiful design - everyone who sees it wishes it was theirs!

Best wishes for a great holiday to you and your family!

Diane Borelli


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